December Wrap Up & New Year’s Resolutions!


We made it to the end of another year and we’re heading into a new decade! I hope that 2019 has been as good to you as it has been to me. At the end of 2018, I was very depressed. I was desperately hoping that 2019 would be better and thankfully, it was. It hasn’t been a perfect year but I’ve really tried to choose joy in all circumstances and work toward becoming a better person. I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m getting there. Let’s briefly talk about what I have planned for January and then I’ll let you know my New Year’s resolutions!


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I received some money for Christmas so of course I needed seven new books, lol. They’re all on their way to me but I definitely have plenty to review over the next few months. My first review of the new year, however, will be for The Twelfth Transforming by Pauline Gedge. I read one other book by her, Child of the Morning, and hated it but *spoiler* I’m absolutely loving The Twelfth Transforming. After I review it, I’m not sure what will come next.

Makeup & Skincare

My makeup collection has grown at an alarming, and unsustainable, rate this year. Pictured above on the left is just a fraction of the new products that I’ve acquired since I announced my low buy in September. Obviously, I failed the low buy. I love what I purchased and while I do regret not sticking to the rules that I put in place for myself, I don’t really regret what I chose to purchase. I’ve taken a complete inventory of my makeup collection and while it is large, at this point, it’s still manageable. However, I’m almost out of space for new makeup. I have no choice but to go on a no buy for certain products. I will be talking more about my makeup inventory and no buy in this coming Friday’s post. I will also be talking about my first ever project pan! The picture above on the right is a sneak peek.

My skincare collection, on the other hand, is totally under control. I’m trying out a few new things and I’m really loving my skin right now. I plan to do a post about my current morning and night routines in January.

Video Games


My video game review for January will be for the eleventh game in the Dark Parables series, The Swan Princess and the Dire Tree. I started my video game review series in January of 2018 and I have truly loved doing it. These posts enable me to be creative and talk about the games I love.

New Year’s Resolutions

I have actually already started working on my New Year’s resolutions and have been for the past month. There’s no need to wait for a certain date to try and improve or accomplish something. Here’s what I hope to work on in 2020:

  • Like everyone and their mother, I want to lose weight. I recently bought a treadmill, started intermittent fasting and I’m getting back on my low carb diet.
  • I want to fully read the Bible this year. I’ve read most of the Bible but I have not read every book. I’m working my way through it and taking notes as I go. I’m currently using the Bible Study app by Olive Tree.
  • I want to improve my blog content overall with better pictures, more creative ideas and better research.
  • I just want to be a better person that is always growing and learning.

Thank you!

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As of December 28th (when I’m writing this), those are my blog stats and I currently have 604 followers. I can not believe the growth that I’ve experienced this year. I was able to monetize my blog thanks to all of your support. You all mean so much to me whether you follow me here, Instagram or Twitter. I love talking with you all about makeup, books and everything else. Thank you for a fantastic 2019 and I truly hope you all have a blessed 2020. Thank you for reading and have a happy New Year!

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