January Wrap Up!


The first month of 2020 is at an end and to be honest, I’m glad to see it go. The month wasn’t horrible but it brought some stress and the loss of a furry family member. I’ll talk more about that below after all the regular updates. Let’s get into it!


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February is going to be all about the romance! I’m starting the month off with My Faire Lady by Laura Wettersten. After that, I’m not sure what order I’ll be reviewing the other three in but they are Stardust by Neil Gaiman, Entwined by Heather Wallwork and Lovely War by Julie Berry. They all look promising so hopefully it’ll be a month of good reads. Speaking of good reads, I finally started up a Goodreads account! If you’d like, you can follow it here.

Makeup & Skincare

As always, I’m testing out a ton of products so I’m not sure what I’ll actually get to in February. I am planning to review everything pictured above from Colourpop and possibly the Ace Beaute Grandiose Palette in the first week of the month. I’m also planning out some Valentine’s Day pictorials. I usually post what I’m testing out on Instagram and if you follow me there, you can let me know what you’d like to see.

Video Game


I am reviewing my all time favorite game this month and I am so excited! Cursery: The Crooked Man & The Crooked Cat was created by Blue Tea Games and is a spin off from the Dark Parables series that I’ve been reviewing for the past year. I’ve played it a ridiculous amount of times. It’s a hauntingly beautiful game about a mad man trying to bring his true love back from the dead. There could be no better game for February, the month of love.

Thank you!

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I’m currently at 625 followers on here and I am so thankful for all of you! If you’d like, you can follow my InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Down below, I’ve written an obituary of sorts for one of my best feline friends who passed away this week. I understand if you don’t care to read that and if so, I hope your January was great and that your February will be even better! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

In Memory of Kori 2009-2020

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Eleven years ago a feisty little cat showed up and claimed my family as her humans. She was determined to stay in her new home despite there already being three boy cats who didn’t particularly want a new sister. She was beautiful and oh so spunky.

Kori never had a normal meow but she wasn’t afraid to silently scream at her humans (servants). She had a huge personality and a love for us to match it. She would run to greet our cars and was always up for a snuggle. Her purr could be heard across the room. She RULED the property and always thought she was much bigger than she actually was at just four pounds. She liked to act tough in front of her feline siblings but when she thought nobody was looking, you’d see her batting around the cat toys. Of course, once discovered, she’d walk away like it never happened.

She had her quirks and we would jokingly say that she had to be an alien because she was too smart and had an odd love of thunderstorms. She never had kittens of her own but she was a wonderful mother to her “adopted” kittens, Harry and Ella. Despite her general dislike of other cats, they were her babies. Eleven years wasn’t enough time with our green eyed girl but I sure am thankful she was ours. We will always miss you, Kori.

“My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.”

–Hazel speaking of his friend Fiver, Watership Down by Richard Adams

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