Colourpop Haul with Reviews: Strawberry Shake Palette, Enchanted Mirror Blush, Horse & Carriage Highlighter & A Go Go Lip Tint

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The Lip Tint was not included in this picture but I decided to add it into this review.

Colourpop honestly exhausts me. They release something new at least every week and it would be impossible for me to review even a fraction of their products. Most of what they put out doesn’t really catch my eye but a few months ago they released a Disney collab that I was in LOVE with. I hate paying for shipping so along with the blush and highlighter that I wanted, I grabbed a palette and a lipstick. I also picked up one of their Lip Tints from Ulta. I finally finished testing everything out and I have some thoughts… Let’s start with the palette!

Strawberry Shake Eyeshadow Palette

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The Strawberry Shake Palette is $12.00 and an edition to Colourpop’s nine pan, monochromatic palettes. It contains five mattes, three shimmers and one matte with glitter. The packaging is plastic that firmly clicks shut and it does include a mirror. Let’s get into the pros and cons!


  • If you love pink and peach, this is going to be your ideal palette. All of the shades are vibrant and pigmented.
  • The mattes are perfect. They blend easily and create very little fall out or kick up.
  • The shadows wore well on me all day and I had no issues with creasing.


  • This palette is much more vibrantly pink than I wanted. I specifically bought this palette over the Ooh La La! because I did not want a hot pink color story. I was hoping for soft pinks that leaned more mauve and that just isn’t what this palette is.
  • The shimmers are pure trash. I have tried a ton of Colourpop shadows and these are by far the worst. They’re crumbly and have no real base pigment, they’re more like toppers. I tried to use them wet and they clumped up.
  • The red shade, Daiquiri, blends out to be hot pink. This is common with red shadows but annoying.
  • The shades My Milkshake, Take A Sip and Daiquiri are not intended for use around the immediate eye area because they may stain the skin. This isn’t a con for me but may be for some.
  • It’s impossible to create looks with real depth. The two deepest shades, Daiquiri and Shake it Up, blend out to look pink and lighter than they do in the pan or in swatches. You would have to pack them on, without blending, for them to stay true to color.

Swatches & Shade Descriptions:

These eyeshadows do have names and shade descriptions on the website. They’ll be in order from left to right; my upper arm to my wrist.

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  • My Milkshake– matte vibrant berry pink
  • Whipped– shimmery rosey pink with silver and pink sheen
  • Woke– matte baby pink
  • Paper Straw– matte soft coral pink
  • Take a Sip– matte vivid hot pink with pink and gold sparkle
  • Delish– shimmery icy pink
  • Berry Fine– shimmery bright peach with golden flip
  • Daiquiri– matte true red
  • Shake it Up– matte mauvey berry

Eyeshadow Looks:

I created three looks with this palette but I did bring in other shades for two of them. I always use the essence Colour Intensifying Primer and set my primer with a cream colored shade. When explaining the looks, I will go in the order of the swatches on my wrist; left to right and top to bottom. You can click on the pictures to see them better. Since these eyeshadows do have names, I won’t be describing where they are in the palette or what they look like.

This was my favorite look that I created with the palette. I used a black shadow to line my lower lash line and the Horse & Carriage Highlighter in my inner corner.

  1. I blended Woke from the innermost part of my crease, near my inner corner, to around the center of my crease. I brought it up higher than my natural crease.
  2. I then blended Shake it Up throughout the rest of my crease, blending it with Woke in the center. This is an easy way to create a color gradient.
  3. I applied Whipped and Delish all over my lid.
  4. I smudged Shake it Up under the black shadow on my lower lash line.

This look turned out fine but the shimmer, Berry Fine, was so terrible that I had to use a highlighter on my lid, inner corner and brow bone. I also used a black shadow on my lower lash line.

  1. I blended Paper Straw above my natural crease, from near my inner corner to around where my brow stops. I did this to help soften the next shade.
  2. I blended Daiquiri into my crease and onto the outermost part of my lid.
  3. I applied Berry Fine all over my lid but then had to completely go over it with a highlighter.
  4. I smudged Daiquiri under the black on my lower lash line.

This look turned out okay but it’s not a favorite. I used this palette alone to create it.

  1. I blended My Milkshake all into my crease and applied it over my lid.
  2. I applied Delish on top of My Milkshake on my lid.
  3. I applied Take a Sip in my inner corner and added Delish on top of it.
  4. I lined my lower lash line with Paper Straw and smudged My Milkshake underneath it.

Brushes Used:

If you are curious about any of the other products on my face, you can find these looks in my recent posts on Instagram.

Do I Recommend It?

This will never be a palette I reach for often but I am glad that I have it for the variety of pink mattes that it offers. Before I bought this palette, I had maybe one pink matte so this gives me more options. I will never touch the shimmers again. I recommend this palette but only if you really enjoy pink and primarily want it for the mattes.

 Horse & Carriage Highlighter and Enchanted Mirror Blush

Two of my favorite princesses are Belle and Cinderella so when I saw how beautiful the products dedicated to them were in the Disney collab, I had to grab them. All of Colourpop’s collab products are limited edition but they tend to keep them around for a very long time.

The Horse & Carriage Highlighter is $12.00 and is a pressed powder, not their Super Shock formula. This is a beautiful and BLINDING champagne pearl highlighter. If you’re into a more subtle glow, this isn’t the one for you. It’s a very similar shade to their Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian. It’s honestly one of the best highlighters I own and I’m glad I bought it.

The Enchanted Mirror Blush is also $12.00 and a pressed powder. It is a warm pink blush that is a perfect natural shade on me. It blends well and is one of my favorites. It’s not the most pigmented, however, so it probably won’t work as well on deeper skin tones.

I highly recommend both of these products if you think they will work for you.

Belle Lux Lipstick

The Belle Lux Lipstick was released for Colourpop’s first collab with Disney. I’ve wanted it since it released but just never bought it until I placed this order. It’s $9.00 and a gorgeous rosy berry shade. The formula is comfortable with the finish being somewhere between a cream and a satin. It does transfer but it’s still long lasting and leaves behind a slight stain. I am glad that I have it but the formula isn’t any better than e.l.f.’s $4.00 lipsticks. I recommend it if you love everything about it or can get it on sale but there are cheaper options out there that are just as good.

Just a Tint Lip Crayon in A Go Go

The Just a Tint Lip Crayons are $8.00 and I have the shade A Go Go. This shade is described as a sheer rosey pink but I think it leans much more red than pink. It’s much more pigmented than I figured it would be but it can be blotted. I like this but I don’t love it. It is very comfortable on the lips, easy to apply and moderately long lasting. However, it smells HORRIBLE. It’s supposed to have a grapefruit scent but I think it smells like cat pee. To make things worse, the smell doesn’t go away and you can taste it. I recommend the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balms over these. They’re just as pretty, a few dollars cheaper and they don’t stink.

Final Thoughts:

Colourpop has so many pretty products to choose from but these are the ones I was the most interested in. Do you own any of these? What do you think about them? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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