April Wrap Up!


We’ve made it through another month in this weird Covid-19 world! I hope that all of you are healthy and doing well. April was a good month but I’m glad that it’s over because that means we’re closer to life getting back to normal. I don’t have a ton of posts planned out for May but let’s talk about what I do have.


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I haven’t been planning my book reviews in advance lately because I’ve been enjoying just reading whatever I’m in the mood for. Right now, I’m in an Egyptian historical fiction mood. I decided to read The Lady of the Reeds duo by Pauline Gedge. Another of her books, The Twelfth Transforming, is one of my all time favorites so hopefully these two will be just as excellent. My TBR pile is ridiculous right now (when is it not?) so I have plenty to choose from once I’m finished with these.

Makeup & Skincare:

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This picture is honestly embarrassing because it isn’t of just random palettes… it’s all palettes that I haven’t reviewed and some of them I haven’t even used. This Friday’s post will be all about these palettes and I would love your feedback on which ones you want to see reviewed first. I’m currently testing out the Profusion Neon and after it, I’ll more than likely test out the Profusion Nude Bliss. Other than that, I have no for sure plans for the others. I would like to note, I did not buy all of these. Four of them were gifts from friends so I’m not out here buying palettes like crazy and just not using them, lol.

Video Games:

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I was going to review two games during April but I simply ran out of time. My video game reviews take the most time to put together because I have to play the game, write the review and create a makeup look based off the game. I love doing these reviews or I wouldn’t do them but they take some dedication. As for this month, Big Fish Games was giving away a select few games for free since so many people are having to stay home right now. I downloaded Letters From the Past: Immortal Love and that’s what I’ll be reviewing next.

Thank you!

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I currently have 691 followers on here and I can’t believe how close to 700 I am! If you’d like, you can follow my InstagramTwitterFacebookGoodreads and Pinterest. I hope that May brings only good things to you and yours. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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