e.l.f. Haul Part One!

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Today’s e.l.f. Cosmetics haul is LONG over due. I was pretty much ready to review all of this stuff in September but I just didn’t have the time while adjusting to my son being home. I have the time now (barely) so I’m finally ready to discuss all of these products that I’ve been trying out for months. Also, this is only part one because I have bought a few more things from e.l.f. and those reviews will hopefully be up in a few weeks. Let’s get into the reviews! 

Bite Size Face Duos

The Bite Size Face Duos are $3.00. They contain a highlighter and a blush that compliment each other. I have the shades Watermelon and Spiced Apple. Watermelon contains a peachy pink blush and a pearly pink toned highlighter. Spiced Apple contains a muted orange blush with brown undertones and a golden bronze highlighter.

I absolutely LOVE these little duos! I truly have nothing bad to say about either of them. The formulas for both the blushes and highlighters are just perfect. They’re quite similar to the Primer Infused Blushes, which I also love. They’re pigmented but not overly so, buildable, blendable and travel friendly. The highlighter in the Spiced Apple duo is too dark for my skin but it makes a gorgeous eyeshadow; how I’m wearing it in the picture above on the bottom left. I’ve already ordered a few more shades, which you’ll see soon, and I highly recommend these.  

Primer Infused Shimmer Blushes

The Primer Infused Shimmer Blushes are $6.00 apiece. I have reviewed this formula before (here) and like with the Bite Size Face Duos, I have nothing bad to say about them. They are technically shimmery blushes but the shimmer is so fine that it’s barely noticeable, which I prefer. They really just add a slight glow to the face and are very creamy, buildable and blendable.

I have the shades Always Cheery, Always Silly and Always Hazy. Always Cheery is a coral toned pink, Always Silly is a mid-toned pink with a hint of purple and Always Hazy is an interesting brown shade with a hint of gray. The swatches above are pictured in the order I mentioned the shades, top to bottom. The pictures below are in the order I mentioned the shades, left to right. I recommend each of these blushes.

Primer Infused Bronzer

The Primer Infused Bronzers are $6.00 and have the same creamy and blendable formula as the Primer Infused Blushes. I have the lightest shade, Always Sunkissed. I’ve been trying out more bronzers over the past year and I fully expected to love this one. The formula of it IS excellent but I’m just not a fan of the tone. I’ve realized that I prefer a VERY subtle bronzer. I want it to be almost cool toned because if it’s not, it tends to just make my face look dirty. Unfortunately, that’s what this one does. So far, I’ve only really loved the lightest baked bronzer in the Lorac Hustle and Glow Baked Bronze and Highlight Palette. That bronzer is the perfect tone and shade for my skin color and preferences. The Primer Infused Bronzer isn’t bad, it’s just not for me. 

Tsuki to My Heart Eyeshadow Topper Duo

The Tsuki to My Heart Eyeshadow Topper Duo was created in collaboration with Jkissa and is $12.00. It contains two liquid eyeshadows; I’m Pupset, a chartreuse shade with green and gold glitter and What a Pitty Smile, a clear shade with multicolored glitter. I’m usually not the biggest fan of liquid eyeshadow but I thought this duo looked interesting.

I like these eyeshadows but I don’t love them. Both shades are very pretty when used in the inner corner but they crease terribly on the lid. They also cause any foundation or powder eyeshadow underneath them to move around and clump up. They’re definitely on the sheer side and can’t be built up without creating a clumpy mess. I don’t regret buying this duo but I wish I had waited for a sale.

For this look, I used I’m Pupset in the inner corner and What a Pitty Smile on the lid on top of a light pink highlighter. 

Sheer Slick Lipsticks

The Sheer Slick Lipsticks are $5.00 apiece and I have reviewed this formula before (here). I was not the biggest fan of these lipsticks in my original review. The shade I had, Jam or Jelly, was SUPER bright and drying on the lips. However, when I saw the two newest shades, Golden Pear and Black Cherry, I had to try them. I’m glad I did because these are so much better.

Golden Pear is a muted orangey brown and Black Cherry is a muted red toned purple. They each have a perfect amount of sheer pigment and are decently hydrating on the lips. They don’t have a super long wear time but I feel that they last well enough for the type of lip product that they are. I highly recommend both of these shades, especially for the fall. 

Flawless Finish Foundation

The Flawless Finish Foundation is $6.00 for 0.68 fluid ounces and is packaged in a nice glass bottle with a pump. I have this foundation in the shade Light Ivory which is described as fair with golden undertones and I feel that that description is correct. This foundation has a satin finish, contains an SPF of 15 and is oil free.

When I first got into makeup, this foundation was my go to. I used it, and only it, for about a year before I started to explore other formulas. At that time, I had severe acne and oily skin. This foundation just didn’t have the coverage or lasting power that I needed and I eventually stopped using it. Now that my skin is acne free (for the most part) and more normal/combo, I wanted to try this again.

I forgot to take pictures of my skin without foundation but I have quite a few imperfections, mainly acne scars. This foundation has light to medium coverage so those imperfections do show through. It can be built up but I’ve discovered that when I build it up, it looks cakey. I like this foundation best when used without a primer or concealer and when applied in a light layer with a brush. It looks very skin like when applied in this way and this is how I’m wearing it in the pictures above. If I add concealer or build the foundation up, things start to look heavy and it breaks down faster. 

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This foundation holds up well for around six to eight hours everywhere but my T-zone. It disappeared from my nose and broke down around my chin after that point but that’s pretty normal for me. Those areas do get oily and not many foundations can hold up. Overall, I like this foundation but I’m not in love with it. I think it would be best for those that only need light to medium coverage and have a normal skin type. 

Final Thoughts:

That is everything for part one of my e.l.f. haul! I’m not sure when part two will go up but it will probably be in November. Now that I have a tiny tyrant dominating my days I just can’t get reviews up as quickly as I once did, lol. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think about them! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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