July Wrap Up!


Oh July, I am glad to see you go. The majority of the month was good, except for the unbearable heat, but right before I started this post, my phone completely crashed. I lost Every. Single. Picture. of my son, pets and blog content. Literally HOURS worth of swatches are now gone… If you do swatches, you’ll know how devastating that is. Thankfully, since I post so much on Instagram and Facebook, I will be able to get a lot of my pictures back but it’s still upsetting. Anyways, let’s talk about what I hope to do in August!



After a super long reading slump, I’m very happy to have found some books that I love. I just reviewed Dragonwyck by Anya Seton and it was a five star read. The first review of August will be for Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth and it is also a five star read. I almost NEVER have five star books back to back so these two have really got me hyped to read again. After Bitter Greens, I’m not sure what I’ll read next but it will probably be Heartbreak Creek by Kaki Warner; a Western historical romance.

💄Makeup & Skincare: 

My main focus for the coming month is reviewing my products from Undone Beauty. I lost all of my swatch pictures so I plan to spend the next week redoing them🥴 I have so much from the brand to share with you all (more than what’s pictured above) and I’m very excited. I’ll also be reviewing the new Pacifica Glow Baby Super Vitamin C Serum. Other than that, I’m not sure what I’ll get to but as always, follow my Instagram to see what I’m trying out.

🏡Lifestyle & Bonus Posts:

I also lost all the pictures of my Modern+Chic bags but I’m still planning to review a few things from the brand in August. They reached out to me and offered to send me their Khloe Cosmetics Case and Dani Silicone Keychain Bracelet. I haven’t received them yet but when I do, I would like to review them here.

💕Thank you!


If you’ve read my wrap up posts before, you’ll know that I usually add a collage of pictures of my son and pets butttt I currently have no pictures of my pets🙃 My baby boy will be turning one in August so I decided to share his one year picture instead. I hope you all had a great July and that August is even better. If you’d like you can follow me on InstagramTwitterFacebook or Goodreads. Thanks for reading!

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