Lano Multi-Cream ($17.00) Verses the IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream ($38.00)

A few months ago I reviewed the IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream. It is $38.00 for just half an ounce so while I did love it, I wanted to find a more cost effective alternative. I believe I have found that in the Lano All Over Multi-Cream. This cream is $17.00 for a whopping 2.87 ounces. So, not only is it $21.00 cheaper, you also get 2.37 more ounces of product. That is already a win in my book but let’s get into how the formulas compare.

These two creams are NOT dupes for each other in any way. They have totally different ingredients and don’t make the same claims but what matters to me is how my skin looks and feels after using them. I have been using the IT Cosmetics Cream under my right eye and the Lano Cream under my left eye for over a month. They look and feel exactly the same; my dark circles are the same, my fine lines are the same and both sides are just as moisturized. The Lano Cream is not as thick as the IT Cosmetics Cream so if you have extremely dry skin or mature skin the Lano Cream might not meet your needs, however, it works perfectly for me and is a fantastic affordable alternative.

Lano is an Australian brand that is available at Ulta. I hadn’t heard of them until I randomly found this cream on the Ulta website. This brand is cruelty free and they don’t use any artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil or sulfates. This particular cream can be used all over the face and body.

I highly recommend the Lano All Over Multi-Cream over the IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream. They work the same and the Lano is such a better deal. What is your favorite eye cream? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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