Besame Cosmetics 7 Dwarfs Mini Lipstick Set Review- Is it Worth the Splurge?


This lipstick set from Besame Cosmetics is not a new release but it is limited edition. I believe they’re going to do away with it before long and usually when Besame discontinues something it doesn’t come back. This is the 7 Dwarfs Mini Lipstick Set from the Snow White Collection. It is $35.00 when full price for seven lipsticks that are half an ounce each.

thumbnail (52)
These lipsticks are about the same size as any sample lipstick, the old Avon ones come to mind.

I wasn’t going to buy this set because frankly I thought $35.00 was too much for it. I do own one other lipstick from Besame and I’ve reviewed it here. I do like the formula but to me, it’s not worth the full price. Their formula is very comfortable, smells like vanilla and is relatively long lasting for a creamy lipstick but I feel a lot of the price goes into the vintage aesthetic packaging. However, the packaging is not heavy and feels like a tin material so not really luxurious. I bought these lipsticks because Besame discounted them for a limited time to just $8.00. They were too cute to pass up for that price but were they worth even that?


 *From left to right: Sleepy, Doc, Bashful, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy and Dopey. I apologize for how terrible these swatches look! Lipstick swatches are not my specialty, lol. Dopey is pictured but it’s a clear lipstick with glitter so it doesn’t really show up. 

I definitely think this set is worth the $8.00 I paid for it but I wouldn’t pay much more than that. As you can see in the pictures, these lipsticks are VERY small. I suppose these lipsticks are minis but in my opinion they’re more like samples. As I said above, the formula is the typical Besame formula so I do like that. You do need to build each lipstick up for opaque coverage and most of them have some kind of shimmer or shine. I’ll break down each of the shades and what I thought about them:

  • Sleepy- light bubblegum pink. This isn’t a color that really looks flattering on me.
  • Doc- peachy nude. I’m not a big fan of nudes but this one is pretty.
  • Bashful- hot pink. I would wear this one over Sleepy but still not a big fan.
  • Happy- peachy orange. I really like this shade.
  • Grumpy- true red. Besame does reds really well and this one is no exception.
  • Sneezy- deep wine. I love this shade, probably my favorite of the set.
  • Dopey- clear with glitter, meant to be a topper shade. I hate this one and think it’s pointless. It’s also more fragile than all the others, mine broke just doing swatches.

Besame does warn that these lipsticks are fragile and would best be applied with a lip brush. I don’t use a brush but I do only roll out as much lipstick as I need and apply gently.

Unless you are a major Snow White fan, I don’t recommend this set at full price. If you can get it discounted, however, I do think it’s adorable and a great way to try Besame’s lipstick formula. Did you buy anything from the Snow White collection? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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