Random Mini Reviews: Freeman Feeling Beautiful, essence, Milani, NYX, Wet n Wild & e.l.f

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Over the past few months I’ve collected some random products from different brands. None of this stuff was worth it’s own full review so I decided to just throw it all into one. A lot of these I’ve already reviewed and these are just different shades that I wanted to swatch for you but some are just new in general.


*I’m wearing the highlighter in the picture of myself.

  • e.l.f. Soothing Face Primer– This primer is e.l.f.’s newest primer release and $6.00 for 0.47 ounces. This primer is average. I’ve tried almost all of e.l.f.’s primers and this one doesn’t do anything special. It didn’t help or hurt my makeup and I didn’t notice it soothing my skin at all. I’ll finish it but probably won’t repurchase.
  • Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber+Pink Salt Clay Mask– This mask is $4.29 for 6 ounces. I usually LOVE all Freeman face masks but this one was terrible for my skin. My skin is combination, acne prone and sensitive. This made my face itch like I was having an allergic reaction. Once I washed it off my skin was fine but I won’t be using it again.
  • e.l.f. Pop of Glitter Gel– The gel is $4.00 and available in five shades. I have the shade Rose Gold and I got mine for free with an e.l.f. order. The e.l.f. website says this can be used on the eyes or face. This is beautiful on the eyes but I don’t have a picture of it on my eyes because as soon as I applied it it started burning my eyelids. I had to immediately remove it. I can’t recommend this and I definitely wouldn’t use it on my face.
  • Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder– This highlighter is $5.00 and mine is in the shade Diamond Lily, a pure silver. This was my first time trying one of Wet n Wild’s highlighters and I do like it. It’s a perfect highlight for cool toned looks like the one I’m wearing above. It can look a little too glittery but I’m okay with that, I mean, I’m not trying to be subtle with a silver highlighter, lol.
  • essence Satin Touch Blush– These blushes are $3.00 and mine is in the shade Satin Love. I also have the shade Satin Coral and reviewed it here. I love these blushes. Satin Love and Satin Coral are VERY similar, however. The only difference is Satin Coral is on the peachy side and a little lighter while Satin Love is more of a peachy brown and slightly darker. They honestly look pretty much the same on my skin. They are incredible for the price.


*I’m wearing the NYX Lip Lacquer in the picture with the blue shirt and it’s pretty obvious which essence lipstick is which. You can click on the pictures to see them in more detail.

  • e.l.f. Workout Ready Lip Tints– These lip tints are $4.00 apiece and I have the shades Rowdy Red and Pump Up Nude. These are exactly what they claim to be, lip tints. They’re very comfortable on the lips, sheer, not long lasting, not sticky and create a slightly cooling feeling. I do recommend them for just basic everyday lip tints.
  • e.l.f. Prismatic Lip Gloss– These glosses are $4.00 apiece and I have the shades Rose Quartz and Blue Onyx. I also own and have reviewed the shade Imperial Topaz right here. I love the formula of these glosses. They are not opaque at all. These are definitely toppers but Blue Onyx and Imperial Topaz will affect the color underneath them. They’re not sticky and you can’t feel the glitter in them. Rose Quartz is a clear base with pink and gold shimmer. Blue Onyx is a dark blue base with pink, blue and gold shimmer. These are incredibly unique and way cheaper than most brands charge for shimmery topper glosses.
  • NYX Slip Tease Lip Lacquer– This lip lacquer is $7.00 and mine is in the shade Decadent. I also own and have reviewed the shades Camel and Spiced Spell. I have reviewed them here. I really like these. They’re not my favorite because they can tend to feather and they’re on the stickier side but I wanted to try a more nude color. In my opinion, Decadent swatches totally different than it looks on my lips. It’s described online as being a red toned pink. In my swatch it looks like there is some brown in there but on the lips it’s much lighter with more pink. I didn’t like it at first but it’s grown on me and I do think it’s a good nude color.
  • essence Metal Shock Lipsticks– These lipsticks are currently $2.49 because they’re on sale and being discontinued. I have the shades Stargazer and Venom. Stargazer is a mid tone blue and Venom is a green with a gold shift. I recommend these for the price. They are not the best formula, however. They are way too soft, like the texture of butter. This means they will smear and get patchy easily. These are fun lipsticks but not ones good for everyday wear.
  • Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Treatment– This lip oil is $8.00 but I got mine at TJ Maxx for $3.00. Mine is Conditioning Grapeseed. I like the way this feels on my lips but I haven’t noticed any lasting benefits. I’ve actually been getting small whiteheads around my lips since using this and I think it’s clogging my pores. I definitely would not pay $8.00 for this and I’m not sure I can recommend it because of it potentially clogging the pores around my lips.

That is everything for this very random assortment of products! There were some hits and some misses. Let me know if you’ve tried any of this stuff and what you thought! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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