e.l.f. Haul with Reviews: 16hr Camo Concealer,Cream Blush Palette, Aqua Beauty Liquid Eyeshadows & Prismatic Lip Gloss

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I have a pretty random mini e.l.f. haul to review today. Most of this is stuff I’ve had for months and just didn’t have a good post to include them in sooner but I do have the new 16hr Camo Concealer to tell you all about. Let’s get started!

16hr Camo Concealer

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Light Sand

The 16hr Camo Concealer is $5.00 for 0.203 fluid ounces. It’s packaged in a sturdy tube with a large doe foot applicator. It claims to have a full matte coverage and 16 hour wear time. It’s available in 18 shades and mine is in the shade Light Sand, light with neutral undertones. This shade is perfect for my skintone. I’ve been trying this concealer out since it released. My skin type is combination that tends to be more dry with acne and scarring. Even with my skin issues, I do like this concealer for the most part. It does dry down to a matte finish but it doesn’t look dry or sink into fine lines. It looks beautiful on top of acne and under the eyes. It does dry down fast so I advise blending quickly.

My only complaint with this concealer is it is NOT full coverage. You’ll see in the pictures below what my skin looks like. For the majority of the time that I’ve been using this concealer, I was trying it out with the Pacifica Alight Foundation. That foundation is high medium/low full coverage and even on top of that this concealer still didn’t totally cover my acne. If you really have significant redness, acne or scarring this concealer probably isn’t going to do much for you. If I used a lower coverage foundation with this I really did not like the way my skin looked because the imperfections were still very noticeable.

The first column is with no makeup, the middle column is with one layer of the Pacifica Alight Foundation and the third column is with the e.l.f. 16hr Camo Concealer on top of the foundation. The coverage is almost perfect but there are still noticeable imperfections. Since the concealer claims to be full coverage, I wouldn’t expect to see any skin issues.

I think for $5.00 this is a good concealer. I enjoy it the most under my eyes because it has very little creasing and adds brightness. Most people are going to find that this has the coverage they need but for people with skin more like mine I recommend the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer. It’s only $6.00 and it’s actually full coverage.

Cream Blush Palette

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There are two Cream Blush Palette options, Soft and Dark. Mine is in Soft which is going to work best for fair skin tones. This palette is $6.00 and contains four different shades of cream blush. I’ve tried the cream Aqua Beauty Blush before and loved it so I was excited to get this palette for free with an order. I find these blushes are best applied with a damp mini sponge. They’re very easy to apply and build up/sheer out. For my skintone, the top two blushes worked best. The bottom two required a ton of sheering out because they’re so pigmented. These blushes will last all day but they do stay tacky feeling. You can get rid of the tackiness by lightly applying translucent powder on top of the blush with a damp sponge but that will sheer the color out. I do not recommend applying these on top of powder products because they will clump up but I had no issues powdering the area around where the blush was applied. If you’re wanting to try out cream blush, I think this is a great little palette.

Aqua Beauty Liquid Eyeshadows

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Top to bottom: Brushed Copper, Rose Gold, Molten Bronzed & Cool Steel

I was so excited to try out the Aqua Beauty Liquid Eyeshadows but that excitement quickly turned to disappointment. These shadows are $4.00 and I have the shades Brushed Copper, Rose Gold, Molten Bronzed and Cool Steel. This is such a trash liquid eyeshadow formula. They dry down WAY too fast which makes blending very difficult. They also stung my eyelids and were patchy. I definitely do not recommend them.

Prismatic Lip Gloss

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I’ve reviewed the Prismatic Lip Gloss formula before but I just bought the last shade I didn’t have, Amethyst, so I wanted to include that here. If you would like to see the shades Rose Quartz and Blue Onyx, click here. If you would like to see the shade Imperial Topaz, click here. These lip glosses are $4.00 apiece and I love them so much. They’re basically glittery toppers. They’re a comfortable, non sticky and long wearing formula. Amethyst has a purple base with blue, pink and white glitter. These glosses are a great way to transform lipsticks.

That’s everything for this mini haul! Hopefully it was helpful if you’ve been wanting to try any of this stuff. I’d love to know your thoughts! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. Aneeqa

    Hi, just as a shade reference, which mac studio fix foundation shade are you? i’m uncertain which shade of elf concealer to buy. I am nc15. thank you!!

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