Foundation Fall: ShopMissA $2 Satin Foundation Review (& other affordable pretty products!)

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Every Friday in October, and possibly November, I’m going to review some type of foundation product. I thought I would kick off what I’m calling Foundation Fall with a new release from ShopMissA. Their Satin Foundation is just $1.88 for 0.64 ounces. That’s a little less than the standard 1 ounce that typically comes in foundations but for that price, you can’t really complain. After I review the foundation, I’m going to review some other odds and ends that I’ve been trying out from ShopMissA. Let’s get started!

Mochi Wonder Blending Sponge & Satin Foundation

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The ShopMissA website recommends you use their Mochi Wonder Blending Sponge with this foundation so I picked it up. It is $1.88 and made from a soft, velvet type material. This is an excellent sponge. I didn’t notice it doing anything different than my favorite Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge but it is a few dollars cheaper. I’ve used both my regular Real Techniques sponge and the ShopMissA sponge with this foundation. As far as I can tell, they both give the same finish so while this is a great sponge, it’s not necessary to use it with this foundation.

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Shade: Porcelain

As I mentioned above, this foundation is just $1.88 for 0.64 ounces. I purchased the lightest shade, Porcelain. My skin type is combination that tends to be more oily, sensitive and acne prone with scarring.  I’m going to give you all the pros and cons; I’ll then show you how it looked and wore on me.


  • There are 15 shades available and they’re broken up into tone categories: light, medium and dark. Each tone family has five shades. While 15 shades is not a large shade range, there seems to be a good gradient and even representation for each group. Also, since it’s so affordable you could easily buy two to mix.
  • This foundation has a satin/matte finish and buildable coverage. On me, one layer was true medium coverage but I was able to easily get full coverage. I was even able to skip concealer with this foundation.
  • The shade Porcelain was a perfect match for my skin tone, however, all of the shades seem to be warm toned. I have a yellow/olive undertone so if you’re lighter than me or have a cool undertone, this probably isn’t going to be the best match for you.
  • This foundation claims to be lightweight and long lasting. Both of those things are amazingly true. Upon first application, it has a powdery matte feel but after that it just feels like skin. It also lasts incredibly well throughout the day, which you’ll see in my pictures below. However, I do ALWAYS powder my foundation. I use the J. Cat Beauty Luxe Pro Powder in Porcelain and that powder does help my foundation to last longer.
  • I wouldn’t say this foundation was totally crease proof but it looked beautiful on top of my smile lines and under eye bags. Again, I do always powder my foundation and while that does help with creasing, other foundations will still crease terribly on me.
  • This is very lightly scented, just smells like foundation, and it caused no irritation to my skin.


  • I HATE the packaging of this foundation. It’s a glass bottle with a glass dropper. Droppers in foundations are literally the most inconvenient.
  • This has more of a powdery matte finish rather than a satin finish, which I don’t mind, but it does draw more attention to pores and skin texture. Anybody with very dry skin or flaky skin probably would not enjoy the finish.

The top two pictures are of my skin with no foundation. The bottom two pictures are with one layer of foundation. You can see that there is good coverage with just a few blemishes poking through.

Here’s a few pictures of the foundation on different days. In the first picture on the left I’m not wearing any concealer, just this foundation built up to full coverage.

I typically wear my foundation between six and ten hours. These pictures were taken somewhere between the six and eight hour mark. You’ll need to zoom in to really see any issues because this foundation wore excellently throughout the day. There is some break down around my nose and chin but that is normal for me. I wear glasses and there is hardly any break down where my glasses sit on my nose. What also really surprised me is that this foundation wore the exact same with and without a primer. Overall, this is just a long wearing and beautiful foundation.

Do I recommend the Mochi Wonder Blending Sponge and Satin Foundation? YES! The sponge is great but I’m just amazed at how good the foundation is. It is right up there with my favorite Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation. I’ve also been testing out the Catrice HD Foundation (review coming this month) and spoiler, I prefer the ShopMissA one. It’s definitely worth trying.

Perfect Pressed Highlighter & Wonder Baked Highlighter

The Perfect Pressed Highlighter and Wonder Baked Highlighter are $1.00 apiece. I bought the Perfect Pressed Highlighter in the shade Empress, a white base with an intense golden shift. This is a very pretty highlighter on me. You can see it in the top swatch and I’m wearing it in both pictures. It is more on the subtle side but it can be built up. I like it but I would like it more if it was just a bit more intense. It’s like a less intense version of my Makeup Revolution Golden Lights Highlighter. For just $1.00, however, it’s an excellent formula and I do recommend it.

I bought the Wonder Baked Highlighter in the shade Fresa, a peachy pink base with a slight golden shift. This is too dark for me to use as a highlighter so I’ve been using it as a blush topper; it’s on top of other blushes in both pictures above. It’s pretty but just not as pigmented or intense as I would like. I have to really dig into the product to get any kind of pigment or glow. To just be $1.00, it’s not bad but it’s also not great.

Single Eyeshadows

I decided to try four single eyeshadows: Worth, Lucid, Forbidden and Jungle. The website has these listed as $2.50 apiece but they’ve been on sale for $1.00 for months. I am so shocked by how much I love these! I wasn’t expecting much but they’re really good. I’ll describe each shade and let you know what I thought of each one individually.

  • Worth– shimmery deep berry; This isn’t an intense shimmer, it’s really more of a satin, but it is so beautiful on the eyes. It performs best when wet.
  • Lucid– duochrome with a burgundy base and blue shimmer; I LOVE this. It is so glittery and beautiful. The glitter is a bit more on the chunky side so this shadow definitely needs to be used wet and I did have to build it up for it to be fully opaque.
  • Forbidden– matte pinky lavender; This shade is beautiful. It was pigmented and blended perfectly.
  • Jungle– matte teal green; I used this shade the least, just as a liner on my lower lash line, but it’s a beautiful shade and seems to be the same formula as Forbidden.

For this look, I used the shade Forbidden along the outer edges and the shade Worth on the outermost part of my lid.

For this look, I used the shade Lucid all over my lid and the shade Jungle as liner on my lower lash line.

Again, I’m just blown away by how pretty these single shadows are and I can’t wait to try more of them in the future.

Floral Magnetic Palette

Last but not least is this beautiful, empty magnetic palette. They have two different sizes and I bought the larger one that holds 28 average size eyeshadows. The larger palette is regularly priced at $7.50 but it has been on sale for months for $6.00. If you’ve ever priced empty magnetic palettes, you know that’s a steal. This is made out of cardboard with a sturdy magnetic closure and a mirror. I’m currently using mine to store my lovely Looxi Beauty singles. If you need an empty palette, I recommend this one.

Final Thoughts

I am so happy that this little haul was primarily filled with hits. ShopMissA proves that just because something is very affordable, that doesn’t mean it won’t be good quality. I know I’ll be trying more from them in the future. I’d love to know what you think about the products I reviewed or what you’ve tried from the brand! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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