My Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Collection with Reviews!


When the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows first became really popular, I didn’t get the hype. I bought one, a lime green matte shade, and found it to be really hard to work with. I was new to makeup and cream eyeshadow just wasn’t my thing. However, I decided this year that I wanted to try them again. I bought seven shades and I absolutely love them all! I’m going to show you swatches and then each shade on my eyes.

The Super Shock Shadows are $6.00 apiece and available in matte, satin, ultra-glitter and metallic finishes. They are packaged in a small pot with a screw on lid. Since they are a cream formula, they will dry out if the top is not screwed on well or if they’re left in direct sunlight. 

I found each one to be long lasting on the eyes, whether I wore them over primer or not. They can crease but I really didn’t have an issue with that. They work well on their own or layered over other powder and cream shadows. I typically apply them with my finger and then use a blending brush to blend them out. They do dry fairly quickly so it’s best to blend as soon as possible. Now let’s talk about each individual shade!

I Heart This is a taupe with silver ultra-glitter sparkle. I’m wearing it on my lid on top of the Burt’s Bees Cream Shadow in Rose Cream and in my inner corner. I really like this shade but primarily for use in the inner corner. It’s a bit too pale for me to typically use all over my lid in a one or two shadow look.  

So Quiche is a metallic deep olive with pink sparkle. Out of the seven shadows, this one is my second favorite. I paired it here with the Colourpop The Child Eyeshadow Palette. It works so well with that color story. My only slight complaint is with the pink sparkle. I just don’t feel that it goes well with the olive color. 

Moonwalk is a metallic mauve with a green and gold duo chrome flip. This is my favorite Super Shock Shadow that I’ve tried so far. Pictures simply don’t do it justice. It’s both neutral and super interesting at the same time. I’m excited to play with this one more. 

Rooftop Cocktails is a warm rusty terracotta shade with a blue and green duo chrome flip. I paired it here with the Tarte Tartiest Pro Remix Palette. This is another very interesting shade. It’s one that could almost pass as neutral until you really look at it. 

Cheap Date is a true gold with silver glitter. I have used this shade the most of all of them. I incorporated it into my Sweat & Crease Proof Makeup recommendations and I have used it many other times to add a little something extra to my neutral looks. For some reason, it’s only available at Ulta and I really hope they don’t discontinue it. 

DGAF is a medium-toned rusty brown topped with gold glitter. Like Cheap Date, this is another great neutral shade to wear on its own or paired with other shadows. It’s not particularly interesting to me because it’s more of a satin than a shimmer but I still really like it. 

Dreamlover is a rich plum with a pink and blue duo chrome flip. This is my least favorite shade of the group because it’s more of a sheer topper. The plum base is patchy but the pink and blue shimmer is really pretty. I don’t enjoy wearing it on its own, but I do like how I’m wearing it in the pictures above. 

Final Thoughts:

Since buying this group of shadows, I have purchased three more. I have an even ten now and I’m not planning to buy anymore for awhile because I really want to enjoy what I have. You will see the other three in upcoming posts! If you like the Super Shock Shadows, let me know what your favorite shades are. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “My Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Collection with Reviews!

  1. Robin

    I LOVE Colourpop!!! I bought 30 some of there colors the other day as they were 30 percent off. I bought 12 more before .more before that! I am deeply into shadows (have 2 rolling carts full of pallets) Colourpop is so nicely pigmented. Love them the best!!!

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