A Full Face of Wedding Approved Makeup

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I apologize if the lighting is odd in these pictures. It’s super cloudy here.

My six year wedding anniversary is this coming Saturday, January 25th. When I got married in 2014, I knew NOTHING about makeup and it was just a chore, like brushing teeth. It was something that had to be done so I could look somewhat presentable. Looking back now from my current makeup loving perspective, it’s wild to me that I didn’t care about it on my wedding day. Of course, I wanted it to look good but I planned to wear the same handful of Covergirl products that I wore every single day and leave it at that. Luckily, one of my bridesmaids was into makeup and she worked a little magic on my eyes but everything else was the same as any other day. My makeup looked fine and of course, the most important part of the day was that I married the love of my life but I do wish I had chosen a few special products just for sentimental reasons.

In honor of my anniversary, I decided to choose and create a look with the makeup I would wear if I could do my wedding day over. All of these products are cruelty free and for the most part, affordable. I won’t be reviewing these products but I will link to their reviews. Hopefully, this will help out some of you brides to be that are searching for recommendations. You can also check out any of my favorites posts from December 2019 because I stand behind everything I recommended. Let’s get into the makeup and then the look I created will be at the end!


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A good base is probably the most important part of any look but it’s especially important on your wedding day. You need it to last and not break apart. The base products you need will depend entirely on your skin type and the type of coverage you want. I have combination skin that gets oily in the tee zone and I prefer a full coverage, matte base. Based on that, these are the products I chose:

Cheeks, Brows & Lips:

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This next group is a bit of a random assortment but I decided to combine blush, highlighter, brows and lips. I love so many blush formulas and it was honestly hard for me to choose but as you can tell by its busted up appearance, I have REALLY used my J. Cat Beauty blush. However, any of the blushes mentioned in my favorites post would work well and the same goes for highlighters. All of these products were chosen because they work perfectly, last for hours and suit my skin tone. Here’s what I picked:


Choosing the eyeshadows for this was very tricky. I love quite a few different formulas and the eyeshadow you wear will ultimately depend on your personal style and/or the theme of your wedding. I had a winter wedding theme that was blue, white and black. In the look I created, I chose to add a pop of blue to my lower lash line while keeping it neutral up above but many people would choose to go completely neutral. It all comes down to personal taste. I think the palettes I chose would be great for a wide variety of looks but there are exceptions with all three of them and I will talk about that down below. I have not reviewed the Lorac Pro One or the Storybook Cosmetics Robin Hood palettes yet but I will link to where you can get them. Here’s what I chose for the eyes:

The Complete Look:

Final Thoughts:

I hope that you all enjoyed seeing my wedding makeup recommendations and how I would do my makeup if I was able to redo it! If you’re interested in seeing pictures or what went into the planning of my DIY and budget wedding, check out this post. If you’re married, what was your wedding makeup must haves? If you’re not married, did this post help you? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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