End of the Year Makeup Favorites: Eye, Brow & Lip Products


I take selecting my favorite products pretty seriously. I only want to claim that something is a favorite if I have reached for it repeatedly. Some of the products that I’ll be telling you about today are newer to my collection but I’ve used them enough to know that they’re go tos. I got behind on reviews so a few of these products haven’t been talked about here on the blog but I’ve been sharing them on my Instagram. For the rest, I’ll link to their individual reviews.

Today I’ll be finishing up my annual favorites with eye, brow and lip products. If I don’t mention a certain type of product, that means I either don’t have a favorite or I don’t use that product. I think that’s everything you need to know so let’s talk about my 2021 favorites! 


  • Undone Beauty Curator Eye Palettes– This year I discovered Undone Beauty and their eyeshadow formula quickly became my favorite. They’re SO blendable, creamy and simply gorgeous. I reach for these three palettes more than any of my others. As I was getting everything ready for this post, I discovered that the more turquoise palette, Soft, has been discontinued. That’s a shame because it’s my favorite of the three. However, if you’d like to read my review for Bare, you can here and for Soul, here. These palettes are $14.00.
  • Moira Beauty Lucient Cream Shadow Moira Beauty is another brand that was new to me this year. I picked up their Lucient Cream Shadow in Saturn and was amazed! It has a formula similar to a Colourpop Super Shock but I like this one more. It applied very easily and gave a gorgeous pop of color. You can see it in action in my review of the Undone Beauty Curator Eye Palette in Soft. These cream shadows are $7.00.


  • L.A. Girl Shockwave Eye & Lip Liners– These liners have been a long time favorite of mine and I recently added the new metallic shades. They are completely budge proof and add such a fun pop of color. I also use their Shockwave Lip Liners on my eyes for a more neutral look. They perform exactly like the eyeliners. They’re all $4.49 apiece. I haven’t reviewed the newest shades but you can see the Neons here.

✨Mascara & Brows


  • e.l.f. Wow Brow Gel– I use this brow gel every time I do my brows. It not only holds them in place but it adds fibers to make them look fuller. I’ve been using this product alone on my brows for a very long time. I’m usually too busy to do anything else and I just love how naturally full this gel makes my brows look. It’s $4.00 and you can read my full review here.
  • Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara– I haven’t reviewed this particular mascara yet but I have reviewed the Waterproof and they’re basically the same… except this one isn’t waterproof. I included it because it’s the mascara that I’m currently using, and I love it, but I love most of the Covergirl mascaras that I’ve tried. I think my absolute favorite, though, is the Flourish but it’s not currently in my collection. As for this one in particular, it has a fantastic formula. It adds the perfect amount of length and volume to my lashes. I also had no issues with it transferring. The price varies depending on where you buy it but it’s between $6-8.00.



  • NYX Lip Lingerie Push Up Lipstick– If all of my lipsticks suddenly disappeared, this formula is what I would rebuy first. Their pencil shape makes them easy to apply and they are so long lasting. They’re not as comfortable as a cream lipstick but they’re still quite comfortable. I own multiple shades and they’re all great. They’re $9.00 apiece. You can see reviews and swatches herehere and here.
  • e.l.f. Lip Plumping Gloss– My all time favorite gloss formula is the Milani Ludicrous Lip Gloss but those have been basically discontinued. The next best formula are these plumping glosses. They have a thick, opaque formula but they’re not sticky. They do slightly tingle, like all plumping glosses, but it’s not painful and does go away. As for actually plumping my lips, I didn’t really notice a difference. This is simply a pretty gloss that lasts quite awhile on the lips. They’re $6.00 apiece and you can read my review here.

Final Thoughts:

That is all of my favorite eye, brow and lip products for 2021! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out my base and cheek favorites. Also, let me know if we share any favorites! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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