Favorite Products From My Favorite Brands!

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*A book review will be coming Friday! I got way behind on my reading and I’m having to catch up (:

At the end of last month I wrote a post about how Wet n Wild is no longer cruelty free. I suggested twelve brands that you could support instead. I wanted to follow that post up by telling you about my favorite products from those brands. These are the products that I grab for the most and if I used them up, I would repurchase them. All of these brands are cruelty free and affordable. I have reviewed all but one product and I will be linking to my reviews. If you’d like to see swatches, prices or anything else, just click on those links but I will let you know what shade is pictured below. I will also link to each brand’s website. Let’s get started!

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When I first started getting into makeup, NYX Cosmetics was a brand I purchased a ton from. There’s a lot from the brand I really like but my favorites are their Hydra Touch Powder Foundation (shade Porcelain), Prismatic Single Eyeshadows (shades Savage & Bewitched), Suede Matte Lipsticks (shade Moonwalk) and Butter Glosses (shade Ginger Snap). I love to use the Hydra Touch Powder Foundation when I mess up my brows or get something on my foundation. It doesn’t have great coverage on its’ own but it has enough to help cover mistakes. The Prismatic Eyeshadows are just a fantastic formula. The Suede Matte Lipsticks are comfortable but still have decent lasting power. Lastly, the Butter Glosses are just the perfect gloss and even smell like vanilla.

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I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to say that e.l.f. Cosmetics is my favorite brand. I’ve tried the majority of what is on their website and I love so much that it was hard to choose favorites. If I had to choose, however, here’s what I would pick: the Coco Glow Highlighter (shade Moonlight), Primer Infused Blush (shade Always Cheeky), Camo Concealer (shade Light Sand), Matte Lip Color (shade Praline), Prismatic Lip Gloss (shade Imperial Topaz) and Makeup Mist & Set (pictured is the matte version but I love the regular as well). The Coco Glow Highlighter has a very creamy formula that can be applied with a brush, sponge or your fingers. It has an intense glow and even smells like coconuts. The Primer Infused Blush is just a perfect blush formula; pigmented, long lasting and blendable. The Camo Concealer is very full coverage with a matte finish, which I love. The Matte Lip Color lipsticks are the perfect compact, pencil shape and just a great formula. The Prismatic Glosses are my FAVORITE gloss formula. They’re thick but not sticky and they’re unique. Last but not least, both the regular and matte setting sprays work perfectly and are super cheap.

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I’ve tried a decent amount from BH Cosmetics but there’s three products that I just adore: the Desert Oasis Eyeshadow Palette, Spotlight Highlight Palette and the Blacklight Highlight Palette. The Desert Oasis Eyeshadow Palette is the BEST quality eyeshadow I’ve ever tried from BH Cosmetics and it’s just good in general; the palette even comes with some great highlighters. As for highlighter palettes, both the Spotlight and Backlight are my most reached for highlighters out of all the ones I own.

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I haven’t tried a ton from Catrice but I’ve really liked what I’ve tried so far. My favorites are the Waterproof Makeup Transformer Drops, Camouflage Cream in Wake Up Effect and Wake Up Effect Makeup Transformer Drops. The Waterproof Transformer Drops actually work! If you want your foundation to be waterproof or not transfer as easily, you need these drops. The Camouflage Cream is meant to be a pinky/salmon color corrector for under the eyes and while it does work well under the eyes, I find it to be a little too thick for my liking. Where I love to use this is on my acne scars. It practically erases them and is one of my makeup must haves. The Wake Up Effect Transformer Drops are orange drops that can be mixed into foundation or applied under the eyes to color correct, which is how I love using this product.

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It doesn’t get much more affordable than essence and what’s even better is they have some genuinely great products. My favorites are the Satin Touch Blushes (shade Satin Love) and Melted Chrome Eyeshadow (shade Lead Me). The Satin Touch Blushes are another excellent blush formula. They are so creamy, pigmented and blendable. I really hope essence releases more shades. I have not reviewed the Melted Chrome Eyeshadows yet but I can tell you now that I love them. The formula is very similar to the NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows. They’re so creamy that they feel wet to the touch but they apply perfectly with a brush. This eyeshadow literally looks like melted metal and it’s only $5.00! Review will be coming soon and I’ll probably buy more shades.

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Unlike most people, I really don’t like much from Colourpop but I do like their pressed powder eyeshadows. My favorite palette of theirs right now is the It’s My Pleasure Palette. It’s filled with purple and duochrome goodness!

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J. Cat Beauty is a brand that I just really started exploring but I’m loving everything I’ve tried so far. The stand outs from them are the Walk of Stardom Eyeshadow Palette and Love Struck Blushes (shades Lovey Dovey & Sweet Pea Pink). The Walk of Stardom Eyeshadow Palette is amazing quality, especially for the price. The Love Struck Blushes are yet another great blush formula with a beautiful satin finish.

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Milani manages to have beautiful packaging with quality products while still being affordable. My favorites from them are the Strobelight Instant Glow Powder (shade Moon Glow), Conceal+Perfect Longwear Concealer (shade Light Nude) and Color Statement Lipstick (shade Teddy Bare). The Strobelight Instant Glow Powder wasn’t something I really cared for originally but as I used it, and I’m assuming got past the top layer of product, it became one of my favorites. It leaves such a natural and beautiful glow on the skin. The Conceal+Perfect Longwear Concealer is a creamier formula than the e.l.f. one I mentioned above but it has great coverage. The Color Statement Lipsticks are creamy, pigmented and comfortable. The shade Teddy Bare is a gorgeous deeper nude shade.

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Since Covergirl just recently became cruelty free, I haven’t tried a ton of their newer products but I love their Eyeshadow Trio in Shimmering Sands and their Outlast Active Foundation (shade Golden Ivory). This little Eyeshadow Trio is very basic but it’s my go to on no makeup makeup days. The Outlast Active Foundation does have some issues but I’m willing to work with it because I love the lasting power, finish and the price.

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L.A. Girl is another brand that I haven’t explored fully but I love their Just Blushing Blush (shade Just Radiant) and their Lipify Stylo Lipstick (shade Teddy). As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m a blush junkie and L.A. Girl has another great formula. The Lipify Stylo Lipsticks are an odd mix of a cream and matte lipstick. They look very creamy when first applied and they stay that way for awhile but they do dry down and stain the lips. It’s an odd formula but a good one.

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Hard Candy is a brand I used to not like at all but lately they’ve been releasing some excellent products. My favorites are the Glamoflauge Foundation (shade Vanilla) and Cushion Wonder Green Color Corrector. The Glamoflauge Foundation is honestly incredible. It lasts all day, has a satin matte finish and doesn’t sink into fine lines. It is my favorite at the moment. The Cushion Wonder Green Color Corrector is the best green color corrector I’ve tried. It completely covers redness.

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Juvia’s Place makes my favorite eyeshadow formula of all time. I love all of their palettes but if I had to choose my favorite it would be the The Magic Palette just because of how unique it is.

That is all of my current favorites from some of my favorite brands! I hope this helped you discover something new and I would love to know if we share any favorites or what others products from these brands I need to try. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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